We have a ladies Bible study on Tuesday evenings that I just LOVE. We use Anne Graham Lotz’s three question technique and it’s just wonderful. It feeds my soul.
But while studying John is the meat of the evening, there are lots of yummy side dishes. There are prayer requests (and the rule is you have to have one–c’mon, there’s always something in your life that requires prayer), and there’s the actual praying and there’s tons of laughter served up with some challenging truths.
My Bible study ladies are precious and Tuesday evenings are sacred. So when we left the church yesterday evening and one of the neighborhood bears had scattered trash across the parking lot it seemed, well, off script. And there had been a wedding so the trash was more diverse than usual.
But we could hardly just leave it there. So we fetched a trash bag and began scooping up a disgusting mass of plates, cups, napkins, forks, bottles and food. Lots of leftover food. Well, we left as much food as we could to decoy the bear, but you really can’t separate that stuff out.
And here’s the thing. We had fun. We were laughing and yucking and exclaiming over just how awful it all was. And after we finished, we went back inside and washed our hands up to our elbows and then said goodnight and went on home–still laughing over the mess we’d just cleaned up.
Love and the Holy Spirit draw us together in a truly special way–whether studying the Bible or picking up trash in the parking lot. This is for my Bible study sisters. You are SO dear to me.