That’s right. November 3 is THE DAY MY BOOK RELEASES!

And, it’s election day. But c’mon, haven’t we heard enough about that by now? I think America would do well to turn of the television and shut down the internet until, oh, Friday at the earliest.

Which gives you plenty of time to check out The Right Kind of Fool. Forget about coronavirus, politics, the economy, and all the rest and visit Beverly, WV, in 1934. All they had to worry about was the Depression. Oh, and a dead body discovered on the banks of the Tygart River by my 13-year-old hero, Loyal. Who’s deaf. Not to mention the question of whether his parents, Creed and Delphy, can put their marriage back together.

So, light hearted escapism.

Seriously, though, I’m delighted to be launching my sixth full-length novel and while my characters face some serious challenges I can PROMISE you a happy ending. Now there’s something politicians from all the parties are sure having a tough time delivering . . .

So, if you need to get away from election day and visit a close knit, rural community from the past, may I suggest The Right Kind of Fool? There will be delicious family meals from the garden, some woodworking, ginseng hunting, a community fair, camping out, and you might even pick up a little sign language along the way.