My husband thinks I look great here and I think the same about him. Our moms think we're both gorgeous.

I don’t like having my picture taken. It’s not the process so much as the results. How many times have you looked at a picture of yourself and thought about how fantastic you looked? It’s usually more along the lines of, “I’ll have to burn that shirt when I get home.” Or, “Did I completely forget to do my hair and makeup?”
So when my picture recently ran in the newsletter at work, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. It’s an okay picture, which is probably the best I can hope for. The newsletter arrived at the house and my husband was flipping through it. “Hey, there’s a picture of you,” he said. I cringed. “You look great. But then, you always take a good picture.”
Um, what? And then it hit me. a) I’m my own worst critic. And b) my husband wasn’t looking at a picture of “Sarah,” he was looking at a picture of his beloved wife. And he liked what he saw.
It reminded me that God doesn’t look at us and see crazy messes who can’t get it right. He looks at us and sees His beloved children. It also reminded me that I’m not supposed to be counting the flaws I see in other people. I’m supposed to be seeing my brothers and sister–just as beloved by God as I am.
Editor who’s taking forever to respond? Beloved child of God.
Family members making me crazy? God dotes on them.
Co-workers who are challenging to work with? God is wild about them.
Church members not behaving like I think they should? Adored by God.
It’s so easy to look at the people around me with critical eyes. When I catch myself doing it, I need to stop and try to look at them through God’s eyes. The eyes of . . . love.