In my reading about the publishing industry I’ve come across several folks who say you should NOT resubmit a book to an editor or agent who has already turned you down. MAYBE if the books is drastically different, but generally this seems to be frowned upon. I’ve never been one to be discouraged by what other people say.
So I e-mailed the first acquisition editor who turned me down, but said she liked my concept. I explained that I had taken her advice to work with an editor and had made some significant changes. I thanked her for her help and offered her another look. She not only agreed to read my proposal again, she praised me for taking steps to improve my book and my craft.
I’m still trying to keep my expectations in check. Even if she likes my book, it may not be right for the publishing house or the industry at the moment. Regardless, the lesson here is that it’s always worth asking. It’s always worth holding out your hand just in case someone wants to take it.