reviewsWell, at least some reviews. And they’re pretty alright. When I write a book, I tend to think it’s really good once I’ve finished the edits and turned it over to the publisher for the last time.

Then, about a month before the book releases, I start wondering if it’s actually terrible. Or at least not up to par. I keep reminding myself Bethany House wouldn’t publish it if it weren’t at least adequate.

And then, the reviews roll in and in a world where there isn’t much feedback, they can be reassuring. So in the interest of boosting my confidence while doing a little self-promoting, here are some snippets:

  • Thomas is a master storyteller, and her latest novel does not disappoint. Readers are quickly invested in the lives of the characters as their stories unfold. Beautifully written and rich with atmosphere, The Sound of Rain is a novel readers won’t want to miss. – RT Book Reviews
  • Thomas’s easy prose, flavored with Appalachian dialect, light tone, and steady pace as the relationship between ­Larkin and Judd slowly blooms, make this an enjoyable historical romance. – Library Journal
  • Thomas delivers an enjoyable and earnest inspirational romance that examines legacy and longing.The characters are incredibly relatable as they grapple with the fear of failure and the struggle to find and hold on to love. – Booklist
  • Sarah, you outdid yourself! – My friend Joan who finished the book last week

Honestly, that last one is my favorite.

I guess maybe the book IS pretty good after all. I sure hope you think so, too.