Thistle chasing soap bubbles.

1) Watching puppies play. And this includes my year-and-a-half old puppy who loves to pair up with 6 and 7-month-olds at the dog park.
2) Cups of hot tea. Preferably in a china cup with real tea leaves, but a tea bag and mug will do.
3) My husband wrapping his arms around me for one of those loooong hugs.
4) Watching chipmunks stuff their cheeks under the bird feeder.
5) Pasta.
6) New books. They smell good. They feel good. And they hold such infinite potential!
7) Really old books. The kind with tissue over the pictures and someone’s name inscribed carefully along with a date from at least 100 years ago.
8) Sipping a glass of wine on the porch with good friends. Or just my husband, that never gets old, either.
9) Bubble baths. Hot water, sweet-scented soap and nothing but time . . .
10) Love. My family’s love, my husband’s love, the love I feel when a stranger does something nice and the love that pours through me when I take the time to try and look at the world (and the crazy people in it) through God’s eyes.
Q4U – What do you never get tired of?