Typing The End–A Birthday Deadline

When given the option, I tend to pick dates that have some significance for me. So, when my editor asked when I’d have book #3 for him to look at I picked . . . my birthday. So here it is, on the day I turn 43 I’m sending my latest manuscript off to myContinue reading “Typing The End–A Birthday Deadline”

Vacation–A Writer’s Definition

When I was a kid, vacation meant time away from school. It meant a trip to the West Virginia State Fair or Sea World or the beach. It meant fun and freedom! When I was first married vacation meant time away with my man. It meant time to travel back home to see my family.Continue reading “Vacation–A Writer’s Definition”

In the Beginning – My Memory of Drowning

I started down this road to writing books with characters who can perform Christ’s miracles because of the crystal clear memory I have of nearly drowning when I was four years old. It seems wonderful to me that I not only remember something that no one could have told me, but that it’s a GOODContinue reading “In the Beginning – My Memory of Drowning”