Preparing for Lent by Giving Up

It’s almost Ash Wednesday, the first day of the Lenten season. Which means it’s time to think about fasting. I’ve been fasting from something during Lent for quite a few years now. Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s a habit. Two years ago, I focused on adding the fruit of the spirit. Last year I gaveContinue reading “Preparing for Lent by Giving Up”

Fear Fast: Post-Lent Update

If you were following my blog back before Easter, you may remember that I gave up fear for Lent this year. In the past, I’ve given up things like candy and French fries, which, the day after Easter, I went right back to enjoying. But fear, I hoped, would be something I could continue toContinue reading “Fear Fast: Post-Lent Update”

Lenten Fear Fast–Nearing Easter

This coming week we’ll celebrate Palm Sunday and then Holy Week leading up to Easter. At which point I can start being afraid again. Right? I mean, that’s how fasts work. You abstain for a time and then you resume. Except, maybe, that’s more to do with food fasts. I’ve given up various foods forContinue reading “Lenten Fear Fast–Nearing Easter”