Appalachian Thursday–An Author’s Anniversary

One year ago yesterday my first, full-length novel officially released to the wide world. Now, one year later, there are two books out there with my name on them not to mention a novella (which is still free if you’ve been meaning to download it!). And a third book in the editing stages which shouldContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–An Author’s Anniversary”

Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch

The MOST special day of my life was my wedding day. The book launch party for Miracle in a Dry Season definitely comes in second. It was utterly Appalachian from the location–a little white church on a hill–to the food–cornbread and beans. But the BEST part was the people. Many are natives of Appalachia, whileContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–More Book Launch”

Book Launch LOVE

Miracle in a Dry Season officially launches tomorrow. Yesterday, we had a book launch party at my church. And while nothing is perfect this side of heaven, it was just about as close as we could get. In Appalachian Serenade Delilah realizes that family is something deeper than blood kin. My FAMILY gathered around yesterdayContinue reading “Book Launch LOVE”