Appalachian Thursday–Ramp Season

Flowers are blooming, afternoons are warm, the sun moves more slowly across the sky . . . It’s the time of year when the old folks start shunning preserved foods for something fresh. Something green. Poke sallat. Fiddleheads. And ramps, which are somehow getting to be downright mainstream. My great-grandmother would be thrilled with theContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Ramp Season”

The Miracle Called Spring

While fall has long been my favorite time of year, spring comes in a close second. I do my best novel plotting whilst walking in the woods and April-May-June provide an ever-changing palette of flowers for inspiration. Mountain laurel, lady’s slippers, wild geranium, and showy orchis are just a few of the gems I seeContinue reading “The Miracle Called Spring”

7 Things I Love About Appalachian Springs

1) Snow on daffodils. Tuesday morning we woke to a fluffy dusting of snow that clung to branches and flower petals without making a mess of the roads. It was pretty and soon it was gone. Just the way I like my snow! Growing up, snows like that were called “poor man’s fertilize” and farmers wouldContinue reading “7 Things I Love About Appalachian Springs”

Appalachian Thursday–Signs of Spring

Although last weekend’s balmy weather was just a tease (highs back in the 30s yesterday), it did give us a taste of hope here in Western NC. And as I look around the yard and along the woodland trails, I see signs that spring is drawing ever closer. It may still snow in April (orContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday–Signs of Spring”

Appalachian Wednesday–Hungry for Spring

This year we’ve had some of the coldest weather I’ve known since I was a kid. Snow in the forecast for today and Friday. I know it’s winter, but this business of having actual winter weather is making me long for signs of spring. So today I’m listening to Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring as IContinue reading “Appalachian Wednesday–Hungry for Spring”