I just tried to read a novel by a very successful Christian author and failed. This is a well-respected writer who has published dozens of novels and has an MA in English. She’s well-respected and apparently beloved of her readers. I could NOT make myself read her novel. The summary sounded like something I’d love, but I found her prose to be so purple I couldn’t continue. No, not purple, chartreuse.
I won’t give a name or title, my opinion is just as subjective as the publishing industry and I won’t criticize by name. But here’s one line: “Her moist eyes brightened like bits of blue sky in a lined face drawn with anxiety.” At the very least this shatters the adjective rule.
BUT my opinion doesn’t matter much. The opinion of agents, editors and ultimately readers is what matters. They love this author’s stories. She is reaching readers with a Christian message. Taste is subjective. Writing is subjective. Hopefully I’ll find the group that appreciates mine.