Well, there’s a skiff of snow out there this morning. Schools are closed (again!) and traffic is messy. But if you look, there are signs of spring out there as well.
We have huge flocks of fat robins attacking the holly trees and dotting the lawn, red breasts gleaming. Daffodils and crocus are pushing bright, green leaves up through leaf litter. Birds are singing, warbling, caroling in the shrubs outside my window each morning. Singing like they have nothing to do but glory in the coming day. And if you’ll remember, the groundhog did NOT see his shadow.
In so many things in life we look for signs. Signs that the cute guy in science class likes us. Signs that our children are going to be brilliant. Signs that our marriages are going to last forever (or not). Signs that we might be getting sick. Signs that our writing careers are taking off. Signs that God is watching over us and working in our lives.
Q4U- In what areas of your life do you catch yourself looking for signs?