Fall is my favorite time of year. And as I get out and take Thistle for walks, or write with the windows open, I’m definitely seeing signs that it’s right around the corner. Now that it’s September, I thought I’d take a moment to list the blessings of autumn:

  • Cool, crisp air that makes you want to breathe deep and turn your eyes to the sky.
  • That brilliant, blue sky!
  • Gorgeously colored leaves standing in sharp contrast to that expanse of blue.
  • Those leaves that land on the sidewalk and leave rusty outlines behind.
  • Building a fire–in the fireplace inside or the firepit outside.
  • Scuffling through crunchy, crackly leaves.
  • Apples! Apple pies, applesauce, apple chutney, apple cake . . .
  • Goldenrod, joe pye weed, ironweed and asters growing along dirt roads.
  • Milkweed pods!
  • Finally being able to wear sweaters again. (Next spring, I’ll be glad to finally put the sweaters away, but let’s live in the moment!)
  • Trading the lawn mower for the rake.

I could go on. What’s your favorite thing about fall?