1. Your social life. Sitting in front of a computer dealing with imaginary people can feel incredibly rich, but it doesn’t get you out of the house much.
  2. Your, ahem, backside. Again, sitting in front of a computer does little to enhance your physique. I expected issues with my posterior, it’s the belly pooch counterbalance that’s taken me by surprise!
  3. Showering properly. The shower is a great place to ponder ideas and storylines. Which means odds are decent I’ll find one leg still unshaved when I towel off.
  4. Reading books in your genre. Yes, I still read for fun, but I find myself analyzing, critiquing, admiring and trying to figure out how I can do that in my book.
  5. Being surprised by storylines. I was watching a movie the other evening and in the first five minutes things were going well for the main character. I thought, well, he’s got to lose all his money and maybe his horse if we’re going to have a story. Sure enough . . .
  6. Keeping abreast of current issues. Not unless I can use them in my next book.
  7. Resisting the send/receive button. As soon as you start querying editors and agents via e-mail, you want to hit that button every two seconds.

But here’s one thing being a writer IS good for: Satisfying that God-given craving to put words to paper. Ahhhh. So worth one hairy leg.