I took a day off on Monday just because I had some vacation time piled up. It turned out to be excellent timing with a gorgeous, 70+ degree day (our seasonal average is 50). So what to do with a whole day to myself?
Well, I wrote several scenes in book two. Read several writing blogs. I wrote this blog and one for Friday so I can just post them instead of trying to think of something at the last minute. I did a load of laundry and was tempted to dry the sheets outside. I did a little work-work, but only because I wanted to. I tidied up some flower beds (my Lenten roses are blooming and the crocuses are starting up). Swept the back deck and reminded myself it’s too early to put out the deck furniture. Ate a cupcake leftover from a children’s activity at church Sunday. Watched “Extraordinary Measures,” a very good movie that would have been better if God had gotten more of the credit. Had supper with my husband and watched some TV. Though a far cry from what I would have called “fun” when I was a kid, it was a nearly perfect day.
Q4U – What do you do when you have some “bonus” time? Do you feel like you have to fill it up–make good “use” of it? Or are you one of those amazing people who can relax and just enjoy it?