I love living in a rural area. Each day as I walk Thistle I see flowers blooming, leaves changing and signs of animals passing. I especially enjoy the flowers. As I walk I think about coming back later, with a pair of clippers, and gathering bouquets. Orange day lilies with queen anne’s lace. Mountain laurel and daisies. A vase full of rhododendron blossoms. Even the purple clover heads would look lovely tucked in amongst those pink, hydrangea-looking blooms I can’t find in the flower guide.
How often do I actually go back and cut the flowers I’ve been gathering in my mind? Oh, maybe twice a year. I cut the flowers in my yard. But the roadside flowers? Those growing in the fields and forests a little further away? I rarely get to those.
There are quite a few imaginary bouquets in my life.

  • The hand-written notes I think to send to friends. You know, on paper, with a stamp.
  • The casseroles I think to make a deliver because someone is sick or celebrating or just might like a casserole.
  • The phone calls I think to make and then don’t because I get distracted or busy or just forget.
  • The exercise plans I have in mind, but never act on.
  • The writing schedule I mean to follow every day . . .

Too many imaginary bouquets. Too many flowers that could be brightening someone’s day (maybe even mine!) withering unseen.
It’s time to grab my clippers and go foraging. Time to find at least one imaginary bouquet each day and carry it through.
Q4U – What have you been meaning to do lately?