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Farmer’s Market

Our little community has a Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. Local growers have had the most beautiful tomatoes the past few weeks. Today I’m hoping for okra and green beans. I’m taking my neighbor Agnes with me this morning. She’s 89 and grew up on a farm in Virginia and used to harrow the fields with a team of horses. She misses the farm and being able to work outside. She’s told me she watches Jim and I cut the grass and wishes she were still up to mowing. I don’t much like mowing, but Agnes reminds me to be grateful that I’m able to do it. She baked me a chocolate chess pie earlier this week. It’s kind of like brownie batter in a pie shell and utterly scrumptious. Here’s her recipe: Agnes’ Chocolate Chess Pie 1.5 cups sugar 3.5 T cocoa pinch salt 2 eggs, beaten 1/4 cup butter, melted 1 small can evaported milk 1 tsp vanilla 1 unbaked pie shell Mix sugar, cocoa and salt. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Pour into unbaked shell. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

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Remember what your mom said about watermelon seeds?

Today’s item is just for fun. Reading wacky stories on the Internet is definitely a good way to pass the time while waiting. Well maybe not a GOOD way, but it’s a way. So, yes, I was told by any number of people as a child that if I swallowed watermelon seeds they would sprout in my belly and grow a watermelon. Turns out this isn’t as far fetched as it sounds. Read the following story and see if you don’t eat more carefully. The Daily Mail – UK – YOU CANNOT PEA SERIOUS – A retired teacher who had been struggling for breath for months was amazed when doctors told him there was a PEA plant growing in his lung. Ron Sveden, from Brewster, Massachusetts, was already fighting emphysema when his health took a turn for the worse. ‘I was not doing too well, a lot of coughing, I was very listless,’ the 75-year-old said. Ron Sveden, from Brewster, Massachusetts, was amazed when he was told he had a pea sprouting in his lung. He had assumed it would be cancer His wife Nancy was so alarmed by his deterioration that she called for an ambulance and he was rushed to hospital on May 31. Doctors took X-rays and found his left lung had collapsed and the pensioner feared he had developed a tumour after a grainy spot was found. But his doctors were baffled as they could not […]

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What I’ve neglected lately


When raspberries ripen
along the trails I walk,
I plan my path to find fruit
ripe for the picking.
Two here, six there,
never more than a dozen.
I eat them out of hand,
sweeter for their rarity.

Cradling a perfect berry
in my palm I search for more.
The looking takes long enough
for the ripe fruit to color my flesh.
A stigmata of a stain.

I examine the deep, red mark,
as I savor the sweetness of fruit,
the bitter crunch of seed.

I wonder at such gifts
free for the taking.

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While I wait–writing

So, I said the two best things to do while waiting for a response to my proposal are reading and writing–what am I writing? Why, the second book, of course! I’m writing a series based on the miracles of Jesus. The characters will be loosely related if at all. Each book focuses on a particular miracle–the first is walking on water and the second is feeding the five thousand. Here’s the tagline: Casewell has always thought of himself as an upstanding Christian with high moral standards, but when the woman of his dreams turns out to be an unwed mother with an uncanny knack for feeding people in times of want, he is forced to consider what it really means to forgive and be forgiven. Each book also focuses on a particular area of Christian belief as well–book one is faith and book two is forgiveness. Keeps me busy while waiting and hoping!

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The proposals have been sent

It’s done. After a week of fiddling and tweaking and perfecting, I’ve sent book proposals to editors at two publishing houses. Now the real waiting begins. And the trying not to check my e-mail every 15 minutes. Q4U – What have you had to wait for recently? An appointment? A long line at the DMV? A phone call? Tell me about it.

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While I wait–reading

From what I’ve learned about the publishing business, the best things to do (for my writing career) while waiting are reading and writing the next book. So here’s what I’m reading these days: Walking on Broken Glass by Christa Allan The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen Jane Austen Ruined My Life by Beth Pattillo The first two are books I ran into at a recent conference I attended. Marybeth Whalen did a session on what it takes to be a Christian novelist. Perseverance and a touch of insanity seem to be the magic combination. The third has Jane Austen in the title and I couldn’t resist. They’re all Christian novels, although I think it’s important to read secular stuff, too. I was a good ways into “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” but it’s SO dense I decided to take a break. This is the way I used to read books in high school and college–three or four going at once. I’d forgotten how much fun it is to dip into the thing I’m most in the mood for at the moment. And then dip into something else a little later on! Literary crudite.

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Welcome to my blog . . .

Please join me on what I hope is the road to publication. I’ve written a Christian contemporary novel that I hope to see published. I’ve written the book and pitched it to editors at a Christian conference. By Monday morning my proposal will be on it’s way. If I understand correctly, I will then have a month or two (at least) to wait and see what happens. Basically, I’m inviting you to keep me company while I wait. The working title for my book is “The Lotus Leaf Effect.” See how drops of water are beading up on the blades of grass in the photo above? That’s the lotus leaf effect at work. Here’s the one-line summary for the book: When a woman who thinks of herself as a Christian learns that she may have literally walked on water at the age of four, she acknowledges her lukewarm faith and comes to terms with the tension between what she can prove is true and what she believes is possible.

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