My headshot from 2012–less gray hair in this one!

In 2012 I wrote my vision statement–a statement of my goals as an author. I think it’s important to not only create such a document, but to revisit it regularly to see how I’m doing and what needs to change. So with 2018 well underway, I thought I’d check in . . .


  • Share my faith and love of Christ with the world through my novels. Ensure each novel has a clear, Christian message that can be easily grasped and incorporated into daily living for my readers. I feel pretty good about this goal. I’ve gotten quite a few comments about my books having a clear Christian message without beating anyone over the head–that sounds about right to me.
  • Build a strong relationship with my agent that is mutually supportive. Check! Fortunately, I’m blessed with an agent who puts relationship-building high on her to-do list. And we pray for each other!
  • Sign with a major publishing house and publish the “Appalachian Blessings” series including at least three books.. Done! I need to revamp this goal now that I have four books and two novellas under my belt. 
  • Use my writing as a platform to reach broader audiences with the message of Christ through speaking, blogging, book signings, book clubs, etc. Stay humble and accessible. This stays the same. I’ve continued to do signings, interact with book clubs, and keep up my blogging. As for staying humble and accessible–that’s NOT hard. This business has given me far more opportunities to check my ego than I’d like!
  • Be a good steward of any money I make. Prayerfully use the money to support the ministries God has given me. While I’m not exactly pulling down the big bucks, I am grateful that writing supplements our income and that I can use to support several ministries in a small way
  • Invest in myself and other writers through workshops. Attend and lead classes. Always strive to make my writing better and to encourage other writers to share their faith through creative writing. I continue to coordinate the writing contest at a local conference and have taught several classes now (which I REALLY enjoy!). I continue to attend conferences not only to network, but to LEARN. There’s still so much I don’t know . . .
  • Continue to build a supportive writing “family” made up of other writers, friends and fans who will help cheer me on while I do the same for them. That would be YOU along with so many writers I’ve gotten to know along the way. Thanks for joining me on this journey!
  • My goal for 2015 was to work on growing my writing to the place where I can work my “day job” part time and focus more on writing and all that comes with it. -This is still a work in progress. My day job with a children’s ministry continues to grow and be incredibly rewarding. Even so, getting to a place where I can split my time more evenly is something I hope will be possible one day.
  • My new goal for 2018 is to raise the stakes in my writing. I want to be willing to take risks and push my stories into places and subjects that might feel uncomfortable to me at first. I’m looking to break through barriers in my own heart and mind to give God free reign to speak through my writing.

There are few things more satisfying to me than having a plan and making progress. I’m a list-checker-offer. Can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another few years. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I do know God’s plans are bigger–and better–than mine.

How about you–do you set goals (I’m NOT talking resolutions here!).