GoodreadsMany of you likely read my blog post about the first rating for Miracle in a Dry Season on Goodreads–three stars–and how I was trying to be philosophical about it. So I thought I’d post my first written review which doesn’t require me to be philosophical at all because it’s just about perfect.
Amanda Geaney won an advanced reading copy of the novel and promptly read and reviewed it. Which makes her exactly the kind of person every author hopes will win an ARC. But even better than that, she GOT the book. She heard what I was trying to say and summed it up beautifully. Better than I could. I should probably get her to write future back cover copy.
So here it is. The first review along with a four-star rating.
Miracle in a Dry Season is a tender story about the healing that comes through forgiveness. Both forgiving others and forgiving one’s self. Flush with scripture, the novel stays true to God’s design for repentance and restoration.
The book’s characters are heartwarming and genuine representations of times past, but their battles are the same that we fight today – lips that spread gossip, unrepentant hearts, and religious self-righteousness. Thomas gives her readers an intimate look into their motives and self-doubts. You will laugh! You may pause to examine yourself and you may even shed a tear.
In this, her debut novel, Sarah Loudin Thomas leaves me anxiously awaiting her next work.
Thank you Amanda!