It’s been a hectic week! October is our busy month at work and Saturday we put on a major event so writing had to take a back seat. Even so, I edited another three chapter of Lotus Leaf bringing me up to 12 chapters. Next week I’ll have time to really focus.
This little hiatus got me thinking about priorities. You just aren’t going to make it as a writer without making the act of writing a pretty high priority. So what comes ahead of writing?
1) God
2) My husband
3) Family and friends
4) Work
Fifth place seemed a little low on the totem pole until I began to think of all the things with lower priority:  television, reading (only slightly lower), gardening, cooking for fun, socializing, hiking, traveling, surfing the Internet, learning anything new (I used to take the occasional class for fun), going out on the town and on and on. Priorities! What are your top five?