Pages written = 6
Total pages = 96
And that’s probably going to be it for October on “A Hunger So Deep.” In light of the notes I received on my first chapter of “The Lotus Leaf Effect” it’s time for some heavy revising! I’ve reworked the first three chapters and have cut eight pages so far. I probably need to cut more, but I’m trying not to get too crazy. It’s funny, when I sent my pages to Jamie, I wasn’t at all sure what she would find to criticize (constructively, mind you!). And now that I have her notes, it’s all so obvious.
Do we really need a three-paragraph description of making apple butter just because Ella ate some on a biscuit? No, we do not. I keep reading and asking myself if each action, description, conversation, etc. advances the storyline. Or am I indulging myself in some nostalgia? Here’s the problem with writing what you know–ready? You probably know way more than anyone else cares to know. Edit! Filter! Weed out!
And the funny thing is, I’m enjoying this. I thought it would be hard to cut, but when it’s making the end product so much better, it feels really good. Back to it.