I imagine Harvey looking something like this adorable dog. Her real name is Sophia and she's an adoptable hound/Corgi mix. Check out Petfinder.com to learn more about Sophia and other adoptable dogs.

Like so many people in America, I tend to find Super Bowl ads more interesting than the actual game. I like those Manning boys, but honestly, I’m more likely to recount a really funny commercial than an awesome pass for the winning point.

And this year, so many of the giggle-worthy commercials featured dogs. There was the dog getting in shape to chase cars. The pug in running shoes outracing greyhounds. The Great Dane bribing his master with chips. And the rescue dog named Weego (who I think was over-worked–give the little guy a break!).  Even the truck commercial featuring owners who survived an apocalypse included a dog riding inside the cab with his owner.

So I’m wondering. Should I be working a dog into all my novels? A cute, funny, potentially sniffle-inducing dog? The Memory of Drowning does include a Corgi mix named Harvey. If I ever get a publisher, maybe I should suggest we put him on the cover? Book two is dogless. Now I’m thinking I may have to remedy that . . .