So I heard back from the editor in Tennessee and I’m so excited! She didn’t have terrible things to say about my writing overall–not too much passive voice or telling rather than showing. Basically, she thinks the problem is that my story moves too slowly. And I see what she means.
I need to amp up the action (no car chases, maybe less wandering about the farm thinking and setting the scene). And I need to get a little more of my own passion into my words. This is BIG STUFF I’m writing about, the characters need to take things a little less in stride, maybe.
So, I’m going to go over the notes several times, hash out some new directions and edit, edit, edit. Then I’ll work up the nerve to pull publishing house editor #3 out of my back pocket and try again. Pray that I don’t get in a hurry or jump the gun.
Check out Jamie Chavez if you need some professional writing help–her link is on the right side of the page. A charming and kind lady with great tact and more than a little insight into the Christian publishing business.