Last year I entered the ACFW’s Genesis Contest thinking I had a fair chance of finaling if not winning in my category. I mean, I believe in my writing! Well, I didn’t even make the semis. But I did get amazing feedback from three authors that helped improve my manuscript immensely.
So this year I entered multiple manuscripts. I mean, $35 to have three well-qualified folks offer feedback? I cannot pass up a deal like that. And then I didn’t think about it anymore. An e-mail earlier this week noting that calls to semifinalists were late reminded me this was that week. That week last year when I checked messages compulsively. Well. A few lessons in humility have taught me better.
So when my husband called me at work with a lilt in his voice, I just thought he was flirting with me. But no, I got the call. I GOT THE CALL! I’m a semifinalist.
Which is a long way from being a finalist, from being a winner, from having an agent, and from publishing a book. But it’s also a long way from having an idea, from writing a book, from learning I didn’t have a clue, from editing my book, from getting just a clue, from writing another book . . .
It’s a long way. And that’s what I’m celebrating today. It’s not the finish line, but it’s a pretty, little milestone along the way. Now click here and celebrate all the semifinalists who are walking on air.
P.S. I can’t say which book until the judging is over, so if you’ve been a reader or are familiar with my titles and premises–no guessing!