At Bible study last night we talked about taking a leap of faith. I’ve joked about being glad God has never asked me to be a missionary in a far country. (Though I stopped joking about it a while back. I’m finally learning not to dare God.) I know I would have a hard time with a major stepping out like that, but what if God called me to something more . . . reasonable?
What if I were called to give up my current job for one that was more challenging and paid less?
What if I were called to move away from my friends and neighbors?
What if I were called to take a stand that wasn’t popular? That might even hurt my chances at building a future readership for my books?
There are LOTS of smaller sacrifices–of smaller changes–that could feel almost as hard as moving to Africa to be a missionary. And isn’t that what’s hard? The change. Following God is scary. But it’s exciting, too.
So tell me . . . what scary, exciting thing has God asked you to do lately?