Thomas_SoundofRain_Design11.inddLast week I wrote about getting to see the cover for The Sound of Rain releasing in November 2017. While I’m in LOVE with the cover, it did pose a minor problem. The heroine’s hair color wasn’t what I originally imagined. So I changed it.

Then I invited readers to guess the original hair color and what color I changed it to. Originally, Larkin was blonde, but the woman on the cover has lovely burnished auburn hair. It’s somewhere in between brown and red, so I’m counting anyone who landed in that vicinity.

Here are the winners:
-Blonde to brunette – Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House
-Blonde to a redhead – Susie Bragg Wilcox
-Blonde to redhead – Jessica Loudin

Congratulations ladies! If you aren’t already on my influencer list, I’ll be adding you.