Just a general update on what’s happening in my world of writing.
I entered another contest. Booth: A Journal published by Butler University is holding a Chapter One Contest–up to 6,500 words and 25 pages. I sent about 22 pages of The Memory of Drowning after agonizing over whether I should cram in every one of the 6,500 words or end at a more natural point. I opted for the natural stopping place. The prize is $500 and the final judge is Richard Russo, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Empire Falls. You may also recognize him as the author of Nobody’s Fool,  made into a movie starring Paul Newman.
I also finished an article about Adaland (a historic house in Philippi, WV) for Now & Then: The Appalachian Magazine. I just love this magazine and I just love that house. A pleasure to combine the two!
And finally, I’ve been working on A Hunger So Deep. First I had to reread the first 10 chapters so I could get my brain back where it needed to be. I’ve only written a few more pages, but I can feel myself getting back in the cranking out pages groove. Just where I need to be.