There are two gates at the dog park. One is the regular gate that most everyone uses while the second is a wider gate that city staff can use to bring in mowing equipment. Because the narrower gate is used most often, there’s more of a path there and when it rains it gets muddy.
As Thistle and I were leaving last weekend a man leaving ahead of us held the narrow gate open for us. I pointed at the wide gate, where there wasn’t any mud, and said we’d go that way. He looked surprised and then allowed as how that would be a good idea.
In the time we were there, no one else used the wide gate. They all followed the path to the main gate and danced through the mud.
I figure I can do one of two things at this point. I can feel all superior because I thought to miss the mud, or I can stop and consider what other areas of my life take me through mud puddles that could be avoided.
How often do I tromp through difficult or awkward situations simply because I haven’t stopped to look around and see if there’s another way? Discussions with my husband. Tasks at work. To-do lists that are out of control. Maybe what I need to do is stop and look around for another path. Another gate. A way to avoid sinking into the mud up to my ankle once again.