ConfettiI have an agent.
If I keep saying it, maybe it’ll sink in. Last week I got a call from Wendy Lawton of Books & Such Literary Agency and she offered representation. I’ve been following the agency blog for a couple of years now and thought any one of the agents would be outstanding, but Wendy charmed me in particular. So, I queried her. And two months later . . . I have an agent. Check out her post here.
And I thought this would feel . . . well, like Christmas, my birthday and my first real date with my husband all rolled into one. And it does. But this wonderful news also came at a crazy time when I was traveling for Thanksgiving, dealing with a family health issue and generally wrapped up in the complications of LIFE.
And here’s the upshot. God’s timing put this incredible leap forward in my career in perspective. I’m thrilled to my toes. But I’m also grateful for my wonderful family. I’m thankful for loved ones on the mend. And I know that getting an agent, finding an editor, and publishing a book–each stepย a dream come true–are nothing without God.
If I were doing an end-zone dance, I’d pull a Tebow right now. That boy’s got it right. It’s not about me. It’s all about HIM.