On Wednesday I wrote about waiting. Something few of us enjoy. I want to emphasize, however, that waiting doesn’t mean not doing. I hear so many Christians talk about God’s plan for their lives. And often, they’re talking about waiting for that plan to be revealed to them. I know I’m often guilty of that very thing.
But what has occured to me is that the plan is NOW. God’s plan for me may include the publication of my novels. It may include a new responsibility at work. It may include taking on a project at church. It may include caring for family members–the ones I know or new ones down the road. It almost certainly includes things I can’t even imagine at this point in my life.
But here’s what I know it includes:

  • My work in children’s ministry.
  • My involvement in certain areas in my church.
  • The care and support of my husband.
  • My writing–wherever it leads.
  • Loving and helping my family and friends whenever I can.
  • Drawing ever closer to God through Bible study, church attendance, prayer and daily living.

Wow. That’s a pretty full plan. I sometimes get the feeling that, as Christians, we spend too much time waiting for God to call us somewhere–maybe into the mission field or a certain ministry or a particular job. We’re so busy waiting for the future calling that we can easily miss our daily callings. And there are plenty of them. God may have big plans for me down the road. But the plans he’s already laid out in my life are significant. I’m excited to do what He’s already given me and eagerly look forward to seeing what else he has in store.