Last week I wrote about my impending ablation to hopefully correct a heart arrhythmia. Phew! Glad that’s behind me!

But as NOT fun as it was, what was absolutely GREAT was the number of people who let me know they were praying for me and rooting for good results. So today, I just want to say THANK YOU. We still have to wait three months to know if this thing really worked, but I’m optimistic.

I also want to thank the incredible medical professionals who did everything they could to make a pretty traumatic experience less so. Just a few of them include:

  • Pam – She did my labs on Monday. She became a phlebotomist because her daughter was born with a disorder that required LOTS of blood tests. Pam saw how all too often it was painful and decided she could do better. And she did–my stick didn’t hurt at all!
  • Todd – As I settled on the table for my procedure my hair was bothering me. Todd tucked it away in one of those green caps even though I was OUT about 10 seconds later. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t there to tend to my hair, but I sure appreciated it!
  • Manny – He was the orderly who figured out how to turn off the bedside lights that were shining in my eyes. He also brought cups of water and just about anything else I needed.
  • Maggie May & Kayla – My nurses. They did super fun things like remove my sutures and help me pee. Nurses are the BEST people in the world!
  • Kayla – Yes, I had two Kaylas. She did my final echocardiogram to determine if I could go home. While she wasn’t allowed to tell me what she saw on her screen, the smile she gave me as she left made me think I’d be sleeping in my own bed that night–and I was!
  • And, of course, Dr. Lappe – He did the procedure and handled a few curve balls my heart threw him. Then he told me I looked far too well to be in the hospital and gave me confidence that I’m going to come through all of this just fine.

These are stressful, strange days we’re living in. Even more so for folks in the medical field. I am SO deeply grateful for each and every person who’s walked alongside me thus far. Thank you.