So I decided it was high time I did some cleaning out of my writing files. I have old versions of manuscripts, variations on queries, proposals for every opportunity. You know, computer files with the same name except for the 2, 3 or 4 tacked on the end. I know I don’t need to keep them ALL.
This turned out to be harder than I thought. What if that ancient first draft has something in it I want to save? So what if I’ve forgotten what it might be–surely I can keep it just in case! And what if I’m famous one day? My biographer would want every scrap of prose I’ve ever hit the save button on–right?
I managed to trash a few things and better organized what I’m keeping, but honestly, I should probably delete more than I did. It’s like so many things in life–hard to let go. I do the same thing with clothes. I move the old stuff to a guest closet and then eventually to a bag or box for Goodwill in that closet. After enough time has passed I move the bags and boxes to the trunk of my car and then usually donate them weeks later in a fit of pique because I’ve dragged my feet for so long!
Other junk I keep around that I should trash:
-old hurts and wrongs;
-unconfessed sin (oooh, some of that has been around long enough to be worth something by now);
-unforgiveness; and
So what do you say my friends? Time for some spring cleaning?