Everywhere I look lately someone is talking about what “felt need” books address. A felt need is something that people are aware that they lack and desire to have. You could say my felt need right now is a publisher!
In fiction, a felt need is often some problem or issue the book addresses. The book I mentioned on Monday addresses the felt need of dealing with gossip and the damage it can do. I thought verbal bullying was a very timely felt need to address. We just finished a non-fiction book in Sunday School that tackled the felt need of strengthening and preserving marriage. I suspect the popularity of Amish books in Christian fiction addresses the felt need for a simpler life.
So. I’m trying to figure out what felt need The Memory of Drowning addresses. And more importantly, if it’s a need felt by more than a handful of people. A book that identifies something many people want and gives them clues about how to get it will likely sell better than one that only a few can relate to.
So I’m taking a poll–what are your current felt needs? What are the hot button issues in your life right now? What are you dealing with that you wish you were better equipped to handle?