A big part of my brand is nostalgia. My stories often appeal to readers who are longing for or remembering the “good ole days.” Even when they weren’t always all that good! It comes from being weaned on Dad’s stories filled with nostalgia for his own childhood.

Ahhhhh, the 80s! Plus, I had a perm.

So when I feel nostalgic, it’s not unusual. Except lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic for high school of all times! I mean, I didn’t even LIKE high school all that much! I blamed it on the fact that this summer marks THIRTY years since I graduated. I’d even thought I would go to the reunion this time around (of course, like everything else, there isn’t one).

Still, I was surprised to be feeling that bittersweet longing for . . . high school dances? Talk about a lackluster memory. Dad was a math teacher and wrestling coach at my high school. Let’s just say I didn’t date–or dance–much.

Then, while going through the self-check at the grocery store, it hit me. The songs DJs played at those dances are now canned music!

As I hummed along to “Faith” by George Michael while running canned tomatoes across the checker I began to understand. I’m now old enough to officially feel nostalgic for me OWN growing up years.


What makes you feel nostalgic?