Remember when we were kids and we wanted to feel like grown-ups?

Now I’m a grown up and all I want is to feel like a kid again.

I got to spend much of the day with my mother yesterday. My brother and I drove ourselves over. We took groceries to make a special, Mother’s Day meal. I did the cooking and the dishes while my brother did a little handyman project. It was all very grown-up.

And yet.

I felt like a kid because I was with my MOM. I know not everyone is blessed with loving, caring, supportive parents. But I have been and I’m so very glad. Just sitting on the sofa beside my mom makes me feel safe, comforted, and loved.

It was the same with Dad. Even as he was suffering the effects of Parkinson’s disease and I became the caretaker; I still remained his little girl.

I know Mom appreciated us coming over and spending time with her yesterday. But if I’m honest about it, I did it for me as much as for her. Because no matter how old I get, I trust I’ll always have this feeling of being safe under her wing. And that’s worth so much more than a little time out of my schedule.

Thanks, Mom. And happy Mother’s Day.