QuestionsQ- The #1 question has long been: “How’s your book coming?”
A- The problem with this question is that, most of the time, the answer isn’t very interesting. “Well, I just finished chapter nineteen.” Or, “I’m in the middle of edits.” Often, it’s an in-between time and there really isn’t anything going on. I suspect this question is a lot like asking how someone’s family is. The questioner isn’t really looking for an in-depth analysis, they’re just being nice.
Q- When can I get a copy?
A- This is a great question when there’s an actual answer. I’ve known the date for Miracle in a Dry Season–August 5–for a while now. But there were many months when all I knew was “Summer 2014.” And when you tell someone they can get your book in a year or so it’s a little bit of a let-down. Of course, it turns out that even the release date is fuzzy. The e-book releases July 29 and apparently the physical book might ship early. So you can get a copy, “soon!”
Q- Are you doing lots of traveling and book signings?
A- It’s funny how folks have this idea that authors travel around to lots of events and book signings. But few authors do these anymore and when they do the signings can be downright discouraging. I’ve heard from quite a few authors about signings where no one but a handful of friends and family members showed up. Maybe it’s because authors are so accessible via social media. At any rate, my travel calendar isn’t exactly filling up.
Q- Are you going to quit your job?
A- Well, first, I love my job. And second, while it’s nice to earn some money from my writing it probably works out to something like $5/hour in a really good year. Good thing I love writing, too.
Q- Are you writing the next book?
A- By the time the first book is out, the second book had better be written, and the third should be more than just a concept. The publishing world moves slowly which means work needs to be completed way in advance. Yes, the next book is written and I’m almost finished with the big picture edits. My editor will have the first draft of book #3 in his hands before the year is out.
Q- Are you excited?
A- This one’s easy. “Oh, yes!”
Q4U- What else do you wonder about the glamorous life of the debut author? I’ll be glad to answer!