I’ve been reading quite a bit lately. With two books written and the third roughed out, it seemed like a good time to do some “research” and indulge my love of reading. I try to vary my reading–throwing in some non-fiction and non-Christian books in addition to reading in my own Christian women’s fiction genre.
But I don’t really read Young Adult stuff. I refuse to read Harry Potter or all that vampire/werewolf nonsense. And I’ve already read the classics I love. So I didn’t even think about YA. Until a good friend gave me a copy of Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren for my birthday. It’s delicious!
Waterfall  is the first in the River of Time series about sisters who travel between modern-day and medieval Italy. We’re talking the 1300s with knights and castles and sword fights. Sigh. And here’s the blessing of YA fiction–no embarrassing sex scenes!
Oh, there’s romance aplenty. Lots of tension and longing and yearning and even some kissing. But there’s also great historic detail, adventure, a female main character who is strong and resourceful and an engaging storyline. While there is definitely romance, it’s not the main thurst. And the adventure is just plain fun!
My only complaint is that the cliffhanger ending left me desperate to read the next book, which I have to wait to borrow from my friend. Agghh! The curse of the trilogy.
Q4U- What have you read lately that was out of your normal range?