Our NEW town from the top of the mountain.

We’ve been in our new home for two months now. New job. New town. New grocery store!

And here’s what I’ve discovered much to my surprise . . . my life doesn’t feel all that different.

I expected this to be a sea change–a huge upheaval that would leave me in a shiny new place where I’d have to rediscover myself and find my footing all over again. And while it HAS been a big change it’s also not all that different.

I still wake each morning to my husband getting up early to go for a run. I still have my quiet time followed by a dog walk and breakfast. I still get dressed and go to work. My job includes many tasks similar to my previous job. I go home and make supper to eat with my sweetheart. Get another dog walk in. Do some hiking on the weekends. Do some writing in the evenings. Go to church. Communicate with friends and family.

What I’ve learned is that the core of who I am is . . . the same. And realizing that is pretty doggone wonderful. I’m ME no matter where I live or what I do. That’s reassuring, comforting, and peace-giving. The only thing that stays the same is the way things change. But I have a foundation, a core, rooted in faith and my salvation that keeps me anchored no matter what.

I highly recommend it.