grantchester-s3-what-to-expect-sfv-3200x1800-1920x1080My husband and I have discovered the joy of watching programs available through Amazon Prime. We made our way through Endeavour and are now enjoying Grantchester. (FYI – I think I have a bigger crush on Geordie than on Sidney.)

But I feel like we just might be the only people left who are watching ONE episode at a time!

All around me I hear people talking about binging shows. Programs are advertised as “binge-worthy.” And I just don’t get it.

Okay, I did get pulled into watching multiple episodes of Downtown Abbey in one day when I discovered it in the middle of season two, but I didn’t watch them all.

First, who has the TIME to binge-watch anything?!? In my free time I want to hike, read, write, talk to friends and family, cook, eat . . . well there’s lots of stuff. Not to mention the things I should be doing like laundry and house cleaning. Even a two-hour movie feels like a big commitment to me!

Second, whatever happened to anticipation? I LIKE watching an episode, thinking about it, and then anticipating the next one. If you watch them all in one day, what’s to look forward to? I love finding a series with several seasons and lots of episodes that means weeks of contented viewing.

So how about you? Do you binge-watch programs? If so, what have been your favorites? Maybe I’ll try them and see how long I can make them last . . . 😉