Dogs I’ve Known

leo-thistleI’m a dog person. It’s not that I dislike cats, it’s just that I LOVE dogs. All dogs. I pet them in parking lots through cracks in windows. I cross the street so I can give them a pat. I almost like them better than the friends who own them. Slobbery, dirty, hairy, smelly–I don’t care. I love dogs. One of my biggest challenges in life is NOT petting a service dog. I always ask, “Is he working?” even though I already know the answer. Then I clasp my hands behind my back and try not to make eye contact.

But the dogs know. Of course they do–they’re dogs.

So I thought I’d share a selection of photos of the dogs I’ve know over the years. Because you should love dogs, too.



  1. I just finished Miracle in a Dry Season. Thanks for a wonderful read. I also love dogs and I love the people who love dogs. I live in Weaverville and was happy to learn that you are local. Hope to find more books by you.
    Helen J. Letner

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