Word is, people who write down their goals do a better job of meeting those goals. Word is, knowing where you’d like to go more often results in getting there. Word is, you should have a plan and work that plan. Word is, all the cool kids have a vision statement.
Okay, maybe not that last one, but it does seem like every business, non-profit, organization, club, group, church and so on has a vision statement these days. This is different from a mission statement–those are usually shorter. A vision statement outlines purpose, meaning, intent. Sounds like a good idea. And word is, sharing such stuff can result in accountability. So here you go:

  • Share my faith and love of Christ with the world through my novels. Ensure each novel has a clear, Christian message that can be easily grasped and incorporated into daily living for my readers.
  • Publish the “Everyday Miracles” series including at least three books–The Memory of Drowning, Miracle in a Dry Season and The Miraculous Catch.
  • Sign with an agent who shares and supports my vision–one who shares my worldview and knows the publishing business inside and out. Someone who will help me build a future.
  • Sign with a major publishing house—Revell, Bethany, Harvest House, Tyndale, Abingdon, Zondervan or similar.
  • Use my writing as a platform to reach broader audiences with the message of Christ through speaking, blogging, book signings, book clubs, etc. Stay humble and accessible.
  • Be a good steward of any money I make. Pay off the house. Prayerfully use the money to support the ministries God has given me.
  • Invest in myself and other writers through workshops. Attend and lead classes. Always strive to make my writing better and to encourage other writers to share their faith through creative writing.

What would you include in your vision statement?