Today is Epiphany, the last day of the 12 days of Christmas. You thought it was just a song, right? The marketers have it all wrong, starting Christmas in November and ending it with huge sales on December 26. Christmas starts on the 25th and ends on January 6.
Today is called Epiphany (to make known or to reveal) because it’s the day we remember the wise men coming to bring gifts to the Christ child. By doing that they made him known to the world.
Tomorrow begins Ordinary Time in the church. After the hubub of the holidays and all the rushing about, I have to confess being ordinary sounds pretty good to me. Of course, what Ordinary really refers to is “ordinal” or the days we count until Lent. So, it’s time to count down to March 9–the first day of Lent–61 days from now.
What can be accomplished in 61 days? What will you do with these ordinary days when there’s no major holiday bearing down on you? When the cold, dark days of winter may seem to hang heavy? I’m going to count pages of my second novel–I have 100 under my belt and will get that many more done before Lent. I’m going to count myself blessed to enjoy the gift of words and to have the opportunity to share them.
How about you?