Champagne toastIf you’re like me, celebrations are often built around food. Shoot, most of my life is built around food, but that’s another post. When I got the news that a publisher actually wanted my novel, my first thought (after the squealing died down and I praised God) was how to celebrate. Or rather, with what food to celebrate.
We went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant Friday night with two good friends. I had smoked salmon, duck with cranberry chutney, and this pasta thing that was basically grown-up mac and cheese. Oh, and chocolate mouse cake for dessert. Later that weekend, I roasted a chicken at home (one of our favorite things) and we opened that bottle of champagne that’s been in the pantry for far too long.
Which got me thinking about celebrations in my books. There are birthdays, a Christmas, a Thanksgiving, a new business opening, feats of daring, and so on. And most of them are celebrated with food or drink. You know, the kind of food or drink that I’d like to have!
But my birthday fried chicken might not by your first choice. So I’m asking. When it comes time to celebrate something wonderful, what do you like to eat and drink? If it sounds good, maybe I’ll serve it up in my next novel . . .