candlesSome of my favorite people have birthdays in October. Three ladies I love and admire are celebrating their 69th, 85th and 91st birthdays this month. And here’s what I’ve noticed about all three.
They all like to feel special. Oh, not just on their birthdays, but maybe especially on their birthdays. And here’s the other thing I’ve noticed. It’s not all that hard to make people feel  special. You buy them a cake, take them some flowers, call them to say, “Happy Birthday.”
Our neighbors up the street both turned 91 this year. Bill in May, Agnes in October. We carried Agnes flowers on her big day. She was getting ready to go out to dinner with her children. “They’ve been treating me like I’m their mother all day long,” she said, laughing. Bill once confessed that birthdays didn’t mean all that much to him, but soon after he married, he discovered they meant a great deal to his wife. He’s been celebrating her–making her feel special–ever since.
My mother and my mother-in-law were both born on Halloween. I remember when I was a kid I thought it was awfully inconvenient to have to celebrate my mom when there was trick-or-treating to be done. Mom–just so you know–you are WAY better than candy.
I’m grateful to have so many people in my life who I CAN make feel special. With a card, a gift, a phone call, a simple gesture. And here’s the best part–making someone else feel special, makes me feel special, too.
Happy birthday Agnes, mom-in-law, Mom, baby brother, sister-in-law and anyone else I know with a birthday in October. Thanks for all the love running through our lives.