It’s been a busy month, but now I’m enjoying a four-day weekend. I know there’s more to Memorial Day than time off (about that on Monday), but at this moment, it’s free time I’m happy about.
Free time means:
-Time to write. I’m doing revision–what, twelve?–of book one and working to finish book two by mid-July. I’ve had some great input from a critique group and am eagerly tightening my writing up.
-Time to spend with people I don’t work with. My husband first and foremost, but also friends, neighbors and maybe even a salesperson at the mall ; )
-Time to read. In addition to a fun, Regency-period novel, I’m reading “Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream” by David Platt. We’re doing a small group study beginning in June and this book is super challenging. I’m sure I’ll be telling you more about it.
-Time to spoil Thistle. We can go to the dog park, hike, play ball and nap together. Dogs are excellent for napping. Makes you feel like you’re doing something more productive.
-Time to cook, garden or do other hobby-ish activities that I normally hurry through.
Hmmm. Four days isn’t going to be enough.
Q4U- How are you spending this holiday weekend? Is it a holiday weekend for you?