Dreaming Big – Once Upon a Prince

When Rachel Hauck released Once Upon a Prince, I hesitated to read the story. I was afraid it was going to be just another reinterpretation of Cinderella. And while I LOVE Cinderella, did we really need another, modern version? Boy, was I wrong! Oh, there are echoes of Cinderella, but somehow Rachel has managed toContinue reading “Dreaming Big – Once Upon a Prince”

Sometimes I (gasp!) read reviews

So many authors will tell you not to do it. Some even have friends who read reviews for them and only pass along the ones that are really stellar. Because even if there are only a handful of bad reviews, they tend to dent your confidence. Some will even batter your confidence and make youContinue reading “Sometimes I (gasp!) read reviews”

Appalachian Thursday – The Heirloom

On October 2 of this year, my latest work will release–as part of a collection titled The Christmas Heirloom (available for pre-order). As a follow-up to The Sound of Rain, I’ve written Hank’s story. You remember Hank–he was George Heyward’s right-hand man until Judd came along. And now he’s wondering where his future lies. EarlierContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday – The Heirloom”

Social Media and REAL Community

I am generally on the side of believing that social media is NOT conducive to developing REAL relationships. What we see of our “friends” on-line tends to be superficial and sometimes even downright misleading. However. Every once in a while it turns into something compelling and wonderful Saturday evening I checked Facebook and stumbled acrossContinue reading “Social Media and REAL Community”

Appalachian Thursday – Moonshiners!

I love it when I describe something in one of my novels that I can clearly picture and THEN find that what I described actually exists. In Miracle in a Dry Season Casewell cleans out an old spring with a catch basin. Guess what my husband found in the woods on the mountain behind our house?Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Moonshiners!”

Ten Decorating Ideas for Christmas

I know lots of folks who jump on their Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving (or sooner!), but I always wait until December 1. Maybe because it’s my birthday. And even then, I start slow, with a few outside decorations, maybe the nativity. I gradually add decor around the house and finally get the treeContinue reading “Ten Decorating Ideas for Christmas”

Appalachian Thursday – Deer Season

It’s almost holiday time in West Virginia. Oh, sure, there’s Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the REAL festivities begin on Monday. The first day of deer season. Many schools are out all week because, well, no one would come if they were open. Teachers, students, staff–they’re all out “celebrating” deer season. So how does one celebrate?Continue reading “Appalachian Thursday – Deer Season”

Halloween in the Hills

I LOVED Halloween when I was a kid. I’m still pretty fond of it even today. But when I was little it was all about playing dress up and eating candy. I was one of those little girls who wanted to be something pretty. An angel, a princess–something pink and sparkly. And Mom was aContinue reading “Halloween in the Hills”

Writing Historical Fiction

Oh dear. As I hope most of you know, I write historical fiction. But not VERY historic. I’ve written as far back as the 1940s, which means when I want to do research I can often pick up the phone and just call someone who was alive then. But this past weekend I went toContinue reading “Writing Historical Fiction”

Appalachian Thursday — Apple Pie Days

Early signs of autumn are showing. Ironweed and Joe Pye weed blooming along the road. Cooler nights. A few leaves beginning to turn. And . . . apples! Oh, such an abundance of apples. We’re blessed with a neighbor who has five apple trees all burdened with fruit this year. My favorite are the sweet/tartContinue reading “Appalachian Thursday — Apple Pie Days”