If you received an early copy of my latest novel, The Finder of Forgotten Things, you also received a special button along with a handout for making some simple button-related crafts. And now that the book is officially released, I thought I’d share them with you, too! I promise these are easy–even I managed to make the bookmark!


  1. BOOKMARK – Get an extra-large paper clip in a fun color and sandwich two buttons (matching or not!) to the end using hot glue. Or crazy glue. Or duct tape. I’m not going to judge!
  2. FRIDGE MAGNETS – Soooo easy! Pull out some of those really big, glitzy buttons and hot glue a magnet to the back. Look how crafty you are!
  3. HEADBAND – Purchase a fabric headband and sew your favorite buttons on. You could glue them, but thread will hold better. You can cover the whole thing or just artfully arrange a few. Shoot, you might even get all British and call it a fascinator!
  4. T-SHIRT – Upgrade a simple, white tee by adding a button flower to one shoulder. Or attaching matching buttons at intervals around the hem or sleeves.
  5. GIFT WRAP – Wrap your Christmas packages in kraft paper, grab your buttons with the biggest holes, get some narrow twine and lace it through the button under the bow.

Look at that—cute as a button!

If you try any of these projects, I would LOVE to see pictures! Please send them to sarah@sarahloudinthomas.com and I’ll include them on my Facebook page or maybe in a future e-newsletter.