I’m going through round one of self-editing for what I hope will be my second novel. Which means I’ll soon be writing the proposal for Miracle Enough for Two. That includes a short synopsis or back-cover blurb. Here’s what I have thus far. Tell me what you think. Does it sound interesting? Is any of it confusing? What do you like? What’s less than stellar? Feedback, please!
Miracle Enough for Two
When New Year’s Day 1976 turns out to be the worst day of Henry Phillips’ life, he quits college and begins a downward spiral complete with moonshine, fast cars, and faster women. Practical Margaret Hoffman isn’t even on Henry’s radar until her shy little sister Mayfair seems to miraculously speed his healing after a hunting accident. Wanting to join Margaret in protecting Mayfair from a world that overwhelms her, Henry begins to imagine a different sort of future. He dreams of a peaceful life on the farm free from the complication of loving anyone–which, it seems, is what Margaret wants as well. Can they find a measure of peace together? Or will love turn out to be the biggest miracle of all?