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The many faces of creativity

I LOVE to write. Stories, poems, journal entries, letters--even blog posts šŸ˜‰ It's how I process the world around me . . . my life with its joys and struggles. Words help me makes sense of things. But sometimes I get stuck. Or in a rut. Or I just don't feelĀ like...

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Summer Reads Sweepstakes

How tall is your summer TBR stack? How tall would you like it to be?? This giveaway offers you the opportunity to win two dozen fabulous books including The Finder of ForgottenĀ Things. These areĀ mostly fiction but with a couple of really interesting non-fiction books...

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Remember Playing Dress Up?

When I was a kid, I had a collection of dress up clothes. I particularly remember a brown and white striped jacket and skirt ensemble that must have been one of Mom's castoffs. I had some of Grandma's old slips. Scarves. Costume jewelry. Old Halloween costumes. I...

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Friends Just GET You

One of the hard things about moving is leaving good friends behind. And while I'm making new friends in my new neighborhood, I'm fortunate to be able to keep up with friends back in Asheville as well. Last week I hadĀ to run up the mountain for a doctor's appointment...

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