Going huntingIt’s holiday time in West Virginia. Oh, sure, there’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, but the REAL festivities began on Monday. The first day of deer season.
Many schools are out all week because, well, no one would come if they were open. Teachers, students, staff–they’re all out celebrating deer season.
So how does one celebrate deer season? If you’re a hunter, it’s obvious. You go hunting. But what about those of us who aren’t hunters? That would be me. I know plenty of women who enjoy hunting, but I don’t happen to be one. I leave that up to Dad and my brothers.
Even so, the week was a fun time for me growing up. First, we were out of school. Second, there was plenty of company. Friends and family would come to the farm to hunt, eat, nap, and tell tall tales (those seemed to be the primary activities). Which meant we got to indulge in junk food, questionable conversation, and interesting schedules.
One friend worked for Lays and would bring us a case of potato chips. We NEVER got potato chips. Hunters eat packaged cookies, processed lunch meats, soda–it’s kid heaven. There’d be a fire in the fireplace, funny stories we didn’t always get, staying up late, and as soon as someone got a deer–venison tenderloin seared in butter.
And then Thanksgiving and then it was almost Christmas. Even now, members of my family are at the farm in WV hunting, eating, and talking. My nephew is experiencing his first deer season. I know he’s having a wonderful time. I know he’s making memories that will last a lifetime. I know I’m a wee bit jealous.